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Getting a Glimpse of Xavier: Renegade Angel

I can still remember the first time I came across this show on television. It occurred sometime during the late 2000s (maybe 2008, but here my memory is very hazy), most likely when I was on break from school and could thus stay up far later than usual. Unfortunately, today I can no longer remember whether I turned on my TV and was suddenly greeted by the appearance of this show on its screen, or if I had been watching another channel and then decided to change it to Cartoon Network, which happened to be airing Xavier: Renegade Angel at that particular moment; regardless, I can at least recall, with certainty, that I stumbled upon it late at night, during the middle of an episode.

I don't believe I watched whatever episode I encountered to its end. Immediately I found what I was witnessing incredibly strange and (for me at the time, at least) nearly incomprehensible; what especially struck me was the odd 3D animation, which, though it was certainly not the first 3D computer-animated series I had seen on television (by then I had been regularly watching The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius for years on Nickelodeon), I still found to be uncanny. I can remember realizing, in the short span of time during which I was viewing this show, that Cartoon Network became an entirely different thing during the very late night, a time when all sanity left the channel completely and when even the other very mature, violent, and/or sexual programs on Adult Swim, like Robot Chicken and Metalocalypse, gave way to the truly strange stuff like Xavier: Renegade Angel. It was by far the most bizarre show I ever encountered on Adult Swim back in the 2000s, and even though my viewing of it lasted probably no more than a few minutes, yet the impact it had upon me was so great that, despite the brevity of my exposure to it, I am still able today to remember this encounter.

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