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General Thoughts on Family Guy

I was first exposed to this show when it began airing on Adult Swim in 2003, and very quickly took a liking to it. Even though, as a kid and young teenager back then, I often could not understand many of the jokes (particularly the '80s and '90s references), I nevertheless found Family Guy to be incredibly funny, so much so that during the 2000s I largely regarded it not only as the funniest series on Cartoon Network, but also as the funniest series on the whole of television—though this probably means very little, because in those days my television viewing was limited almost exclusively to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. (In terms of humor, among all the other TV series I watched back in the 2000s, the only one that I might have considered its equal was Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, which was a surreal comedy anime that aired on the Toonami programming block.)

Regrettably, during the 2000s I was not able to watch Family Guy as often as I wished: I was completely unaware that the show's original network was Fox, and only ever watched it when it aired on Adult Swim; because that block always began its broadcast at night, and because I was still young enough back then that I had a bedtime, in many cases the times during which it was being shown were too late for me to see it. I could only catch viewings of the show during weekends and breaks from school, when I was permitted to stay up far later than usual, but even then my parents would occasionally forbid me from watching it if whatever episode being broadcast struck them as too inappropriate. My opportunities to view Family Guy back in the 2000s were therefore somewhat sparse and never guaranteed, and consequently I came to value highly any time I could get to see it.

Nowadays, of course, I can view any episode of the series at any time I desire, but partly because of this I find that it has lost some of its magic. To me back in those days, Family Guy was that one absolutely hilarious, occasionally inappropriate (for a kid and young teenager at the time, at least), and also rather elusive series that would grace my television screen only during the late night, and hence any opportunity to watch it felt like a special treat from the more mature side of television.

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