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Desktop Destroyer

I most likely discovered this game sometime in 2007; although I cannot remember definitively, I might have learned of its existence while browsing YouTube one day, and happening upon a video in which some fellow recorded himself playing it on an image of Barney the Dinosaur, finding it interesting, and then afterwards performing a Web search for the game. (Even if this was not actually the series of events through which I discovered Desktop Destroyer, at the very least I have somewhat hazy memories of watching that particular video on YouTube back in the late 2000s.)

This game is probably best described as a sort of sandbox or toy game: there is nothing even resembling a goal or objective, with the player being free to cause as much or as little virtual destruction as he pleases. The game features seven different weapons/tools, each with its own peculiar destructive effect, as well as a washing tool to clean up any damage caused by them; also included is the ability to drop termites, which, once placed, begin to slowly move around on their own and eat the background, and which can be killed by any of the seven aforementioned weapons/tools. Apparently, this game was released as early as 1999, and is also known by multiple titles, but, of them, Desktop Destroyer appears to be the most common, and is the one by which I have always known and referred to the game.

Desktop Destroyer is often advertised as a helpful tool for the user to take out his anger on his computer (or otherwise relieve his stress) without causing any real damage, but I very rarely ever used it for this purpose. Instead, I simply enjoyed playing it for fun, and devising ways I could entertain myself with the given tools and their effects—I especially liked spawning great numbers of termites, observing their behavior, and then finally killing them in creative ways. Although the game is very simple, with a very old and primitive appearance (even back then), and its novelty wears off quickly, nevertheless I returned to playing it a handful of times during 2007, 2008, and possibly 2009. Back in those days I was still young enough that it was able to keep me occupied for pretty long stretches of time, and I can even recall instances in which I played it uninterrupted for well over an hour. (Nowadays I only wish that I still had both the free time and that youthful inclination to being so easily captivated that rendered such a state of affairs possible.)

For those who wish to play it, there are various copies of Desktop Destroyer hosted on many sites; I can verify that the copy of it found on (which is a single small executable file that requires no installation) is a correct, working version of the game.

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