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Like many others, I am also a fan of the great Kortez3000/SantaWithTeeth/SantaWithGuns. The first poop of his that I saw was The Frycook gay games, which I first viewed around early/mid-2009, back when his Kortez3000 channel still existed on YouTube. I liked that poop immediately, and when I decided to take a look at his channel and watch his other poops, I became a fan.

Among my favorite poopers, he is definitely the most well-known. He uses SpongeBob SquarePants frequently as source material, though he has made many poops using various other sources. In my eyes, however, he will always be a SpongeBob pooper, if only because I prefer to watch YouTube Poops that use source material that I recognize (the Philips CD-i cutscenes and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! being exceptions, as those are classic, time-tested sources). He was also the one who popularized the classic Moar Krabs/Morbid Krabs meme (and that video, of course, is in the proper style of the old Squidward fad of 2008).

He originally became well-known under his Kortez3000 channel; after closing that one, he used his SantaWithTeeth alt channel as his main channel for uploading his videos. Apparently, his SantaWithTeeth channel was banned for copyright violations, and so his SantaWithGuns channel, another alt, then became his primary one. When his SantaWithTeeth channel was banned, he decided not to re-upload a majority of his videos to his SantaWithGuns channel, so, unfortunately, tracking down his old videos is not as easy as with some other poopers, for they are scattered across multiple different channels (including his own SantaWithGuns channel), and no single channel has all of them. Besides his SantaWithGuns channel, you can find some of his old videos re-uploaded on SantaWithTeeth2, SantaWithTeethYTP, and a Kortez3000 channel on VidLii.

Some of my favorite poops from Kortez3000/SantaWithTeeth/SantaWithGuns are listed below.

This page last modified on 1 May 2021.