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This was a shock site that existed back in the day. Any domain that ended with would redirect to a page with a shock image as the background (Goatse was one I can remember, but there were others), blast an audio clip of a man yelling HEY, EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!, and cause the Web browser window to move around rapidly on the screen, spawn pop-up windows, and generally become unresponsive. It was effective bait because any number of valid subdomains could be appended, so long as the whole thing ended with; thus, for example,,, and would all correctly redirect to the same page.

According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, this prank is actually known as Last Measure, with having been another rather well-known mirror. Unfortunately, as of October 2020, neither domain leads to a working copy of this classic site, though the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has some (mostly) functional captures of both and (Open those archived versions at your own risk.)

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