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The King of the Portal

B —StrawberryClock

I discovered StrawberryClock, as well as the Clock Crew, on Newgrounds during July/August 2006, probably around Clock Day 2006 (i.e., 15 August 2006). I recall vaguely that I didn't learn of StrawberryClock himself by stumbling upon one of his Flashes directly; instead, I believe I came across a Flash animation made by another member of the Clock Crew which had included StrawberryClock as a character, found it amusing, and then proceeded to search on Newgrounds for the name, whereupon I was finally led to his user account. I also recall with haziness that, soon after I learned of StrawberryClock, I watched the Flash movie The CCs humble beginnings (SWF file) (which is largely a fictional account of events that still contains a few facts) and thereby became aware of the history behind his legendary Flash movie B (SWF file), which was one of the first Flashes of his that I viewed. Pretty soon I was also participating in the joke, and pretended to believe that B was one of the greatest Flashes ever made.

Although I took an instant liking to StrawberryClock and the Clock Crew, and for much of the second half of 2006 was obsessed with both, in truth my knowledge of the latter was very superficial: I only ever watched/played a very small fraction of their Flash movies/games, and I was never involved in their community or even interacted with any members of the group. My knowledge of StrawberryClock was slightly more extensive, for soon after discovering his account I can remember watching all (or at least most) of his then-existent Flash animations, and oftentimes being completely puzzled at what I was witnessing. Much of his work—especially the early stuff—is deliberately low-quality and very strange: some submissions, like Dr.Seuss From da hooD! (SWF file), at least possess some degree of coherence; others, like Dickey Mouse (SWF file) and How da bitch stole Xmas!! (SWF file), are short Flash loops consisting of extremely crudely drawn animations with bizarre and/or unintelligible audio; still others, like Britney Spear's ********* (SWF file) and Want porno??? (SWF file), are merely single-frame Flashes and thus cannot even be considered animations; and, finally, his sss (SWF file) and sss 2 (SWF file) movies are no more than rapid, nonsensical slideshows of random images he saved from various parts of the Internet.

I am well aware that many either pretend to enjoy his early Flashes as a joke, or else dismiss them entirely as worthless. When I first saw them as a kid back then, I might have been briefly amused by one or two, but, admittedly, other than B I did not think or care very much about any of them. In recent years, however, as I re-watch his early Flashes, I find them in some cases incredibly hilarious, and in other cases oddly fascinating. I know, of course, that his Flashes have no deeper meaning behind them, but are merely low-quality joke uploads which he submitted to Newgrounds two decades ago simply to entertain himself, yet I can still perceive some real value in them. StrawberryClock will always be one of my favorite Flash authors on Newgrounds, and I am entirely serious when I say that I enjoy watching his movies and find them to be strangely excellent—his Flashes are so (deliberately) bad that they're good, and I have come to appreciate them so much that they have even exerted some influence on my own Flash animations. Some of his uploads are among the oldest Flash animations on the site, and I would very much consider them important pieces of old Newgrounds history.

Listed below are my favorite Flash animations by StrawberryClock.

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