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A Lost Gem of Newgrounds

That would be the Flash masterpiece 3 (SWF file), by GreyClock.

I encountered this movie on Newgrounds sometime between 12 July 2006 and 19 July 2006. It received the Underdog of the Week award for the week of 12 July 2006, and I learned of its existence one day while browsing the Flash Portal during that time and noticing that it had been displayed rather prominently as such on the left-hand side of the page; out of curiosity I clicked the link, and proceeded to watch the movie.

The movie itself is probably best described as an absurd conversation between various Clock Crew characters concerning their experiences using the toilet. As I watched the Flash, I found it very random and bizarre, but also very funny, and instantly I took a liking to it, despite at that time barely even understanding what I was viewing; the deliberately low-quality animation, with its poorly drawn backgrounds and characters whose entire bodies jerk and spin around rapidly whenever they speak, undoubtedly contributed to both the movie's humor and its strangeness, and ultimately my enjoyment of the whole thing. I can remember feeling at the time that I had discovered a real treasure of a Flash that was quite unlike anything I had previously seen on Newgrounds, and I was so entertained and fascinated by 3 that I must have re-watched it multiple times consecutively after my initial viewing.

It is unfortunate that few others seem to share my appreciation of 3, and that, even on Newgrounds, it receives little attention or recognition. Ever since I first saw it I have held it in very high regard, because even as a kid back then its style of humor appealed very strongly to me. My praise for this Flash has never once been a joke; it has always been very genuine—I truly consider it a masterpiece of its genre, and I refer to it in the title of this page as a lost gem because I feel that it is a unique treasure of 2006 Newgrounds that has fallen into undeserved obscurity despite its great value. This Flash remains one of the highlights of my experiences on Newgrounds during the summer of 2006, and as a kid in those days I would watch it with complete attention, which is why, as I re-watch it in recent years, I am able still to recall large portions of it despite not having seen the thing for probably a decade or more. Its intentionally crude animation, surreal humor, and general weirdness have stuck with me after all these years, and today I can happily point to it as a source of influence for my own Flash animations.

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