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Old eBaum's World

I was introduced to eBaum's World by a friend of mine in school (he was also the one who introduced me to RuneScape). Although I cannot remember exactly, he most likely told me about the site sometime in late 2004, and I visited it rather frequently from late 2004 until around early/mid-2006, after which I started browsing Newgrounds regularly and only sporadically visited eBaum's for a while, before pretty much abandoning it entirely by mid-2007, when I started using YouTube regularly.

Ever since I stopped visiting it in the late 2000s, I have not kept track of the evolution of the site. I do remember, though, that it began permitting its users to upload material in the late 2000s; during this time it was also customary during 4chan raids to claim that the raid was entirely the handiwork of the eBaum's World community, and thereby place all the credit/blame on the site. Sadly, since the mid-2010s (and perhaps even earlier), the site seems to have become nothing more than another BuzzFeed-tier clickbait Web site, but back when I visited it frequently in the mid-2000s, it was already a very large entertainment site with Flash animations, Flash games, images, videos, soundboards, and other material stolen copied without permission curated by Eric Bauman (the site's founder) himself. There was a lot of controversy back in the day over eBaum's World, as a lot of the stuff on it Eric Bauman would often copy without permission from other sites, and then not give proper credit to the original authors. When I still browsed it regularly, though, I was unaware of the controversy and simply enjoyed the entertaining animations and games I could find on it.

I mostly visited eBaum's World for the Flash animations and games; I rarely ever visited the other sections of the site, and back then I didn't even know there was a forum. Despite having not watched most of those animations for well over a decade, I was quite amazed at how many of them I was still able to remember when I visited the Internet Archive's capture of the Flash animations page from, for example, 9 January 2005 or 23 June 2006—honestly, it would be quicker for me to give you a list of the ones I don't remember. (No single capture of that page lists every Flash animation I viewed back then, as eBaum's World was undoubtedly served with many takedown requests, due to the site's frequent unauthorized copying and hosting of material.)

Listed below are some of my favorites from the old Flash animations page that I remember watching back then.

I didn't play most of the Flash games listed on the old games page (the Internet Archive's capture from 12 July 2005 is a good one), but the ones that I did play and remember very well are listed below.

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