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Weapons Before the Nerf

Many of the weapons of Team Fortress 2 (TF2) are continually being changed for the purposes of game balance; sometimes these changes are buffs, and other times they are nerfs. Team Fortress 2 has had so many weapons added to it over the years, and so many buffs and nerfs of those weapons, that nowadays it is incredibly difficult for anyone to even keep track of everything.

As I have been playing TF2 since May 2009, I have seen a great number of changes to the game's weapons. In particular, I remember a few weapons which, before they were nerfed, had pretty outrageous sets of abilities, so much so that people starting using them in rather interesting, unexpected, and even humorous ways. Of course, because I haven't played TF2 every day since May 2009—in fact, I have taken breaks from the game for longer than I have played it—I certainly am not aware of every single interesting pre-nerfed state of every weapon; what I have listed below are only those ones that I can personally remember. I hope it will still be of some interest to you.

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