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Angry Video Game Nerd

ASS! —The Nerd

Like many other folks, I am also a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) series, which I first discovered through the JamesNintendoNerd channel on YouTube. I most likely began watching the series regularly during the middle of 2007; I recall that the Silver Surfer episode was one of the first ones that I ever watched, and, in fact, might indeed have been the very first one, but I am not completely sure of this. (Re-watching it today, it is remarkable just how much of the episode I can remember—particularly the opening sequence—despite having not viewed it for many years.) Regardless, I found whatever AVGN video I first watched to be very funny and entertaining, and took an immediate liking to it; I then decided to take a look at his YouTube channel, upon which I realized that this was an ongoing Web series.

Although the actual review of the game in each episode is informative and interesting, and the theme song is very catchy, the real appeal, of course, is the comedy: the frequent and over-the-top cursing, the outrageous lists of things he'd rather be doing or have done to him than play the game, the humorous observations he makes regarding some aspect of the game, and the ridiculous situations, events, and characters he often encounters when playing the game all contribute to making every episode I've yet seen incredibly enjoyable to watch. For a time I didn't know that he was portraying a character, though, and so I believed that, although the episodes were heavily edited and meant to be funny, all opinions expressed in the videos were actually James' own opinions, not the Nerd's; and any time he got angry over some element of whatever game he was playing, I was the under the impression that, in those instances, he was not portraying the angry Nerd, but instead was actually angry. This led me to believe for some time that James Rolfe in real life was the same as the Nerd character—that is, that he always wore white shirts and was quick to anger whenever he came across some aspect of a video game he didn't like.

Back when I still maintained a YouTube account in the late 2000s, I was subscribed to the JamesNintendoNerd channel, and throughout 2008 and 2009 I can remember new episodes being released roughly every two or three weeks. (Admittedly, though I have written elsewhere about my generally negative views of monetization on YouTube, the JamesNintendoNerd channel was a monetized channel to which I was happily subscribed for a long time back in the day, but it was definitely the exception.) It was always a delight when, after starting up my browser (Internet Explorer 6, of course!) and opening up YouTube, I would see a new Angry Video Game Nerd video in the box informing me of any new uploads from the channels I was subscribed to. Technically, those uploads to YouTube were short trailers for the new episode; I remember very clearly needing to follow a link in the YouTube video's description, which led me to the full episode itself, which was hosted externally on

It should not be surprising to you when I say that my favorite Angry Video Game Nerd episodes were nearly all released during the 2000s, with a few having been released in 2010. I watched new episodes, as well as re-watched existing episodes, most frequently back when I still maintained an account on YouTube; when later on I closed my YouTube account in the summer 2010, I lost the method by which I had previously received notice of new AVGN episodes, and afterwards I gradually stopped bothering to check the JamesNintendoNerd channel every now and then for a new video. Though new episodes of the series have been released throughout the 2010s, and even into the new decade, with very rare exceptions I cannot remember watching any episode released after 2010.

Listed below are my favorite Angry Video Game Nerd episodes.

The JamesNintendoNerd channel did not upload only AVGN episodes back then. Among his other videos, I also quite enjoyed another one of his comedy series, You Know What's Bullshit, back in the 2000s; my favorite episodes from it are listed below.

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